Hitrac guarantees the highest standards of quality and efficiency
through the certification of its management systems

Quality management system that applies to the activities of Project management, Design, Supply, Installation, Conduction, Maintenance and technical assistance of technological systems and in particular electrical, air conditioning, air treatment, telecommunications and security systems and equipment, including related activities of building renovation.

Certificate n. 10278889 issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Italy Srl

Environmental Management System that applies to the activities of "Design, installation and maintenance of technological systems"

Certificate n. 10278887 issued by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Italy Srl

Worker's Health and Safety Management System that applies to "Design, installation and maintenance of technological systems"

Certificate n. 10278885 issued by LRQ Assurance Italy Srl

The main theme underpinning SA 8000 Ethics Certification is compliance with international conventions on human and labor rights, which is embodied in the following basic principles: freedom of association and bargaining, no forced labor, abolition of child labor, no discrimination, occupational health and safety, no disciplinary procedures detrimental to the dignity of workers, compliance with regulations on working hours and wages, and social responsibility management system.

Cerificate n. IT313738 issued by Bureau Veritas

The standard provides the basic prerequisites for integrating D&I principles within organizations, from governing bodies, to the workforce. It analyzes the responsibilities associated with a D&I framework and recommended actions and measures. In the evaluation of the diversity equity and inclusion framework, Hitrac's accountability, inclusiveness, ability to focus and listen to individuals, integrated D&I framework, inclusive culture, respect for human rights, equal opportunities, and innovative solutions were taken into account.

Certificate n. IT318730 issued by Bureau Veritas

OG 1 / V Public, Civil and Industrial Buildings

OG 10 / III BIS Plants for the transformation of high/medium voltage and the distri-bution of alternating and direct current electricity and public lighting systems

OG 11 / VIII Utility systems

OG 6 / II Finishing of general works in wood, plastic, metal and glass materials

OS 19 / III-BIS Installations for telecommunication and data transmission networks

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Starting from the experience and skill of our professionals, we can always provide better solutions and services in terms of quality, price and performance. We strive for top quality, through the optimization of our projects and the development of fully operational facilities.

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