Fortune Italia interviews Fabrizio Mainas, CEO of Hitrac

During an interview with Fortune Italia, Fabrizio Mainas, President and CEO of Hitrac Engineering Group, discusses critical infrastructures, the growth of the data centre market and the company's strategic positioning: "We work to avoid that single point of failure that can be represented by countless events. All possible adverse scenarios are simulated, and the related systems that ensure continuity must be engineered and post-stress resilience. Hitrac also works in the military and defence sector and, in this context more than anywhere else, it is essential to foresee every scenario, even an internal boycott that would put the infrastructure in crisis and the installations at risk of default".

During the conversation, they discuss several issues, including the measure establishing the National Agency for cyber security and the expansion of the data centre market, which is expected to grow at a 3.80% CAGR over the next three years (Italy): "Data is as precious as gold. That is why it is important to be absolutely sure that certain events do not lead to the blocking of those who manage them. For this reason, the critical infrastructures serving the plants are important, and it is no coincidence that they are also engineered in virtue of and as a consequence of every possible and probable event: from the risk of social unrest, to earthquakes, to geopolitical risks".

Hitrac is ready to seize the opportunities that the data centre market will bring. It is no coincidence that this segment now accounts for almost 35% of the company's turnover. The only unknown factor is Italy's preparation, as it will necessarily have to bridge the gap with the primary markets for new data centre implementations, the so-called FLAP countries (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris): "Now Italy, through the Next Generation Eu plan, will have a unique opportunity to make a qualitative and quantitative leap. This is the last chance to compete on an equal footing with our European partners and beyond, in a world increasingly governed by technology".

Read the full interview here.
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