Quality, Environment & Safety

At Hitrac:

  • we promote and support the health, protection and well-being of all our employees;
  • we are committed to acting responsibly to minimise risks and to constantly ensure that everyone in the company works safely;
  • we strive to continuously reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment and to preserve the natural habitat for future generations.

Protecting the environment and people’s safety, whilst ensuring quality, reliability, competence, efficiency and speed are thus the pillars on which our company is based.

Our constant goal is to be a strategic partner for public and private companies, being able to meet their needs effectively and efficiently.

In making economic decisions, the needs of the client and interested parties, environmental issues, workplace safety and respect for the principles of social responsibility are systematically taken into account. The implementation and respect of these principles is everyone’s job in society.

The organisation and business operations are based on an Integrated Management System. This system takes the form of well-defined processes, applied in a structured, planned and documented manner, with the following aims:

  • ensure compliance with the requirements of current legislation, environmental regulations and norms related to health and safety in the workplace;
  • guarantee that the needs of customers and the stakeholders are defined and met in order to increase their satisfaction;
  • constantly improve the safety and comfort of work environments, along with the implementation of accident prevention measures;
  • continuously reduce the negative effects of the company’s activities on the environment so as to preserve it for future generations;
  • improve the efficiency of business processes;
  • better the professionalism of the staff;
  • operate on the market competitively and improve management results;
  • activate an appropriate system of self-monitoring of the Integrated Management System that permits measuring the activities, neutralising any problems and providing Management with suitable elements to perform reviews and provide input regarding the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

The Management is directly and constantly engaged in working on sensitisation, organisation and coordination of the company’s role in contributing to the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.


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Our Mission

Starting from the experience and skill of our professionals, we can always provide better solutions and services in terms of quality, price and performance. We strive for top quality, through the optimization of our projects and the development of fully operational facilities.

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